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How to test performance of web applications

Performance testing Symfony2 application using jMeter. How to simulate load on pre-production environment

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  1. prepare your own virtual environment in a few minutes
  2. introduction to configure elements and test tree
  3. testing simple static content page
  4. extract information from response
  5. debugging scripts
  6. testing authorization using jMeter (FOSUserBundle)
  7. import data from CSV file

About the project

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If you'are looking for information about performance testing Symfony2 application using jMeter - you're in right place now. What is jMeter? jMeter is a great tool to create a stress/performance tests. You can also use the tool to security testing. Here you've got an official documentation. But in this tutorial you have got live test example with description. If you go through all lessons - you will be able to performance testing your web app.

Enjoy and feel free to ask me a question.

In the future..

  1. How to test AJAX actions
  2. Remote testing
  3. Testing JDBC connection